The cure for what ales you

Our Beer

Brewed without compromise.

Nothern English Brown – Award winning. Exceptionally smooth and balanced. Low to mild bitterness with no harsh aftertaste.


Canadian IPA – Hopped with seven varieties. Citrus and malt complement each other in a perfectly rounded taste profile.


Blonde – Easy drinking, mildly hopped with unobtrusive malts.

Our Battle Tactics

All killer. No Filler.
Don't cheat when making beer.

Great tasting beer cannot be made while cutting corners. We respect the time it takes to brew proper beer because our outputs are only as good as our inputs. We only use fresh malt, hops and yeast – no shortcut syrups or powders.

Creativity propels our innovation and demands constant experimentation. We persistently seek new and adventurous flavours searching for the perfect combination of mouthfeel, bitterness, flavour and aroma.

Our attention to detail is meticulous. From weights to volumes, temperatures to times and IBUs to SRM each of our recipes is the optimum union of raw science and brewmaster’s intuition.

Once it hits your lips…

  • Ingredients

    We do not substitute malt with corn or rice. We do not use extracts.

  • Engineering

    We are engineers, understand the science of brewing and build our own systems.

  • Passion

    We live to brew and wouldn't want to do anything else.

  • Rebellion

    We reject Big Bland Beer. We adhere to no style guide.

Knights of the Excalibar

Liberating maltose from starch one grain of barley at a time.
Mark Dodd
The Excalibeer Baron
B.Sc. Computer Engineering @ University of Manitoba – Beverage Architect and officer in charge of supply management.
Rory Flynn
Lord Excalibeer
B.Sc. Electronic Systems @ University of Limerick – Quality Wizard and officer in charge of maintenance and reliability.


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